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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awesome $250 Rent the Runway Gift Certificate Giveaway via Kart Me from The Fashionable Gal!

I love finding out about new services and products. I really find it's one of the great perks of entering online giveaways- especially blog giveaways. Companies often feels it's worth giving away a fun prize in order to get their name out in the blogosphere. I totally agree and can't count the number of times I've seen a product giveaway and thought, "Wow! That's great! I really hope I win that...and if I don't I'm still very interested!"

That's how I feel about The Fashionable Gal's latest giveaway. Kart Me, a new website teamed up with The Fashionable Gal to give a $250 gift certificate to one of her readers from Rent the Runway.

Now when I saw the post I realized I'd never heard of Kart Me or Rent the Runway. But I was intrigued!

Come to find out, Kart Me is a website where you can keep lists of photos and links. It sounds simple but it's really a great idea. You can create lists of recipes, fashion or home decor items, it's really endless. After you create a list or group all of your items togheter they provide you with a link to come back and visit or to give out to friends. Pretty great!

Rent the Runway is a website that allows you to "rent" dresses, clothes and accessories from the hottest new designers. It's a great site because it offers really trendy and usually unattainalbe (for me) items to rent for special occasions or just because. I love that I don't have to clunck down a mortgage-sized payment for a black tie gown or that hot one-shouldered mini dress I know I'll never wear again!

To win the $250 gift card from Fashionable Gal, head over to her site by clicking here and follow her instructions to create your own Kart Me cart and comment to win!

Good luck!!! :)


1 comment:

  1. Katy,

    Thank so much for the kind review of KartMe!

    As you mentioned, we love seeing all the clever uses for Karts...whether for sharing recipes, gift ideas, home decor, links, anything.

    Stay tuned for cool new features to help you create lists with friends and get deals!

    If you ever have a question about, just let me know.