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Friday, April 30, 2010

Win a $100 Teleflora Mother's Day Bouquet from With Love!

I love receiving flowers...but I love sending them more!

Who doesn't enjoy a special delivery full of floral cheer! Mother's Day is the perfect time to send flowers. My mom is such a special woman and I think she should feel special. Nothing does that for a woman better than flowers- well, maybe chocolate! :)

I just found an amazing giveaway where you can win a $100 Mother's Day bouquet from the blog With Love and Teleflora!

To enter to win, just click here and read the instructions to comment to win.

Good luck!!! :)


$50 Marshall's Giveaway from Leslie Loves Veggies!

I love Marshall's and I love the Leslie Loves Veggies blog. What could be better than Leslie Loves Veggies doing a Marshall's giftcard giveaway? Not much, as far as I'm concerned.

There is a Marshall's store not too far from my work. I love to spend my lunch break roaming the aisles for the new deliveries...especially shoes and makeup!

Marshall's is a great store because they offer tons of namebrand goodies at 1/2 or more of the price of department stores! I know I've purchased Kate Spade shoes, Marc Jacobs perfume, a Coach purse and even Lancome lipsticks- all from Marshall's!

If you'd like a chance to win a $50 Marshall's gift card, click HERE to head on over to Leslie Loves Veggies and follow her instructions to comment to win.

As always...

Good luck!!! :)


P.s.: Happy Friday!!! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Win All 16 Hard Candy Nail Polishes from Painted Lady Fingers!

So, here's another amazing nail polish giveaway for those beauty lovers out there. Remember Hard Candy makeup and nail polishes? I loved Hard Candy a long time ago for the fun and unique colors and of course for the matching plastic rings that adorn the bottle tops!

Well, I still love Hard Candy polishes...and for all of the same reasons...and then some! Hard Candy polishes are a great buy and wear like steel. I love how easily they apply and the color selection is still amazing.

Want to try Hard Candy polishes again? Or for the first time?

Head on over to Painted Lady Fingers (one great nail polish blog) and follow her instructions to comment to enter by clicking here.

She has given us a ton of ways to enter, so go crazy!

Good luck!!! :)


Win Rescue Beauty Lounge's Surf Collection!

Most of you know by now I'm a huge nail polish fan. One of my all-time favorite brands is Rescue Beauty Lounge. I love the smooth formula that seems to just melt onto my nails, I love how it wears so well, but most of all I love all of their amazing colors and their fun names.

The "Surf" Collection is no exception. Pictured above is the awesome picture R3 Daily took of the three polishes. They all have fun names like "Diddy Mow", "Bangin'" and "360", all surfing terms.

I instantly fell in love with all of these colors- even the red which is unusual for me!

If you'd like TWO chances to win all three polishes, then head on over to R3 Daily and follow her instructions to enter to win by clicking here.

Good luck and hang ten!!! :)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Fridge Makeover and Giveaway from Mommy Goggles!

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter has teamed up with Mommy Goggles to give a Fridge Makeover to one lucky winner!

The Fridge Makeover consists of a $100 grocery gift card, a Reach Right Kit and a disposable camera to document your transformation!

I just took a before pic of my fridge to start my journey. It's the image judging! :)

If you'd like to enter to win the Fridge Makeover prize pack, just click here to follow her instructions to comment to win!

Good luck!!! :)


Monday, April 12, 2010

Scotch Brite Bathroom Solutions Prize Pack from Mom Start

Spring has officially "sprung" and we all know what that means! Longer days, sun, flip flops and sports! Oh, yeah...I guess you could add spring cleaning in there, too!
It's not that I hate to clean! I mean, I love the results and thoroughly enjoy basking in the glow of a newly pristine space. I just admit that the actual cleaning isn't my favorite thing.
This weekend, in fact, I cleaned "my" bathroom. I really liked how it looked afterwards, but I do wish I had some of these new Scotch Brite Bathroom Solutions to help me along! You know, whoever said, "use the right tool for the right job" was smart!
After learning how helpful these "tools" would be, I was excited to know that Mom Start, one of my favorite blogs, was giving away two sets of the Scotch Brite Bathroom Solutions Prize Packs!
If you'd like to win one of your own, just click here and read her instructions on how to comment to enter. It's that easy! Now let's just hope these tools make cleaning that easy!
Good luck!!! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Win Tarte's New MultiplEYE Mascara from The Princess and The Monkey

Hi all!

Hope you had a great Easter weekend and are right back in the swing of things and enjoying some nice weather in your neck of the woods.

I just found this awesome giveaway from a new blog I found and really like called The Princess and The Monkey!

She's giving away one of the cool new MultiplEYE mascaras from Tarte Cosmetics.

I've been having a real problem lately with my eyelashes! I've always had thick, dark lashes, but for some reason for the last month or so, they've been falling out when I remove my eye makeup. I haven't changed my mascara or my eye makeup remover, so I can't figure out what's going on.

Anyway, though I'm usually a hard-core DiorShow mascara girl, I'd love to try Tarte's new MultiplEYE...especially if I win it!

If you'd like your chance to win one, too, just click here to head on over to her blog and read her instructions to comment to win!

Good luck!!! :)


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Ordinary Life & Kia Want to Make You Over with a $200 Sephora Gift Card!

Kia Sorrento has a new look! Check out the new super-cool looking Sorrento above.
Our Ordinary Life and Kia Sorrento want you to have a new look, too!
They've teamed up to give away a $200 Sephora gift card to one lucky winner! Just imagine all of the wonderful beauty loot you could get with a $200 Sephora card. I would feel like a kid in a candy shop!
To enter, just click here to head on over and read the instructions on how to post to enter.
Good luck!!! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Okay, Okay, I Know...but it's Another $100 from Jenny On the Spot!

Sick of Pop Tarts? Maybe you are... but sick of chances to win $100? Never!

So, JOTS or Jenny on the Spot is also in on the Pop Tarts and BlogHer promotion to win $100. She did the same recipe where she made ice cream cakes out of Pop Tarts, too. They really are adorable, and the more and more I read about them, the more and more I feel like I'm really going to have to try to make some this weekend!

Jenny had the idea to take these to the BBQ parties this summer and said they'll be the most popular family there. I bet she's true. What group of kids wouldn't love to find these on the dessert table? Come on!

If you want to have another shot at winning $100 just click here and read her instructions for commenting to win.

Good luck!!! :)

(and happy Friday!!!)


Fluid Pudding is in on the $100 Pop Tart Giveaway!

So. I actually find it pretty funny that I'm blogging so much about Pop Tarts today, but hey, give me a chance at $100 and I'm all over it!

Fluid Pudding will totally have you cracking up about Pop Tarts, Easter Dinner, desserts and her family with her witty post. I love how she can't wait to share her very own Pop Tart recipe with us as well. I really am looking forward to it.

If you'd like your own shot at winning $100 then click here to head on over to Fluid Pudding. Read her post and instructions carefully about how to comment to enter to win.

Good luck!!! :)


BlogHer Reviews by Little 'Ol Me, Pop Tarts and BlogHer are Giving Away Another $100!


So earlier I asked you all if you'd like to win $100, right? Well how about a second chance at $100? Sign you up?

Well, BlogHer Reviews by Little 'Ol Me also teamed up with Pop Tarts and BlogHer to try making the Pop Tart ice cream sandwiches, too. Hers turned out adorable,'ll have to take a look!

Like I said earlier, Pop Tarts just released Sprinklings, fun new Pop Tarts with sprinkles. In my opinion, sprinkles make everything better!

To enter to win $100 just click here to read her instructions on how to comment to enter for your chance. Yep! It's that simple! Easy as well, I was going to say pie, but I think I'll say, "Easy as Pop Tarts!" instead!

Good luck!!! :)


Secret Agent Josephine, BlogHer and Pop Tarts are Giving Away $100!

Money certainly isn't a bad win, now is it?

How would you like to win $100?

Secret Agent Josephine, BlogHer and Pop Tarts are offering just that!

Pop Tarts is introducing new Pop Tarts Sprinkleings with sprinkles. They look totally yummy! Secret Agent Josephine really pimped the Pop Tarts, though by making them into the "bread" for some adorable ice cream sandwiches. You have to check out her pictures.

For your shot at the $100 just click here to head on over to Secret Agent Josephine's post and read her instructions carefully and comment to enter.

Pretty simple for a pretty awesome prize!

Good luck!!! :)