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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Win a HUGE Collection of Nail Polishes from Nail Addicts Anonymous

I don't know if too many of you know this, but I'm a polish addict! Come on, the name of this blog is "Nailing Polish". I started it up a while back thinking I was going to turn this into a nail polish blog where I swatched and reviewed polishes...but time became a big issue and I found out I'm really a pretty bad photographer...and the next thing I knew, this was a giveaway blog! My other passion!

Understandably, then, you'll note I cannot pass by a giveaway for nail polish. I truly love trying different colors and different brands and generally anything else nail-related! So when I found this awesome giveaway from Nail Addicts Anonymous, one of my favorite blogs, I was thrilled!

Just take a look at all of this amazing stuff she's giving away above!
I know you'll want to enter to and have a chance at winning all of this amazing stuff!
Just click here to head on over to her giveaway post and follow the instructions for leaving comments to win.
Good luck!!! :)

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