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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Should 5 Minutes for Pick Me to Gleek Out with Janice?

Hi all!

Earlier last night I was hanging out in 5 Minutes for's and Dove Hair Glee for All Twitter Party. It was a ton of fun talking with other Gleeks about the amazing television show. They were giving away fun Dove Hair Glee for All prize packs and the grand prize was even a pair of tickets to see the sold-out Glee Tour! Boy, did I have my fingers (and toes) crossed to win that one! Alas, I was not so lucky, but at the end of the party there was an announcement to head on over to 5 Minutes for to win another chance to win a ticket to the tour! Well, you know I clicked on over and what I found was this! ...

5 Minutes for is run by identical twins Janice and Susan. They have created a great website that promotes bringing moms together to talk about parenting and motherhood. Be sure to click on over to check it out. Anyway, they have a pair of tickets to go to the Glee Tour in Phoenix, Arizona. The thing is, they so graciously wanted to share this with their readers, so they decided to send Janice and to chose a reader to go in Susan's place! Poor Susan! I decided I couldn't pass this awesome opportunity up! At their invitation, I created a vlog (video weblog) about why they should pick me to go to the show. Check it out!

Basically, I'm a huge Gleek (a Glee fan), and would just die if I could head to Phoenix to go to the Glee Tour (did I mention it was sold out???)!!! Also, being a new blogger, I would be thrilled to pick Janice's brain! She and Susan have grown their site so well and I have so much to learn. Plus, as I point out in the video, I'm fun! I promise to be a great Glee Tour partner. I will sing and dance in the aisles and generally Gleek out. In the end, I'm hoping by blogging and vlogging my entry into this contest shows my intventiveness, creativity, and perhaps desperation!

If you too would like a chance to go to the (sold-out) Glee Tour in Phoenix with Janice of 5 Minutes for, just click here and read their instructions on how to comment to enter!

By the way, they're having another Dove Glee for All Twitter Party on May 12th from 7-8:30pm EST. Find out all about it here. I promise, it's a blast!

As always, good luck!!! :)


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